Dopamine Hormone Fasting Aid

Dopamine Fasting Aid

Dopamine Hormone Fasting Aid, here is a simple trick to help you kill your food cravings; which is key in any weight loss, by fasting and it’s called Leptitox.

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When fat cells grow, they release a hormone called leptin. You might of
heard of leptin. It controls our hunger, and how full we feel. When leptin
levels are low, we feel hungry and crave calories. When leptin levels are high, we feel full and satisfied. Sounds simple enough. But problems arise when something called leptin resistance happens.

So the cycle goes, you eat food, fat stored, fat releases leptin, leptin resistance, Get Hungry. Cycle starts over again.

Excess energy from food is converted into fat and stored in our fat cells. As fat cells expand, they release leptin, signaling your body to stop eating. It is here when naturally you should stop eating and feel full and satisfied… put the knife and fork down and maintain a slim, sexy figure.

But instead leptin resistance occurs. As your body is resisting leptin signals, the brain never gets the message your’re full. Instead you continue to feel hungrier and hungrier, even though you are eating more and more. Until at the end, you’be eaten that entire cake, you’ve wolfed down that whole bag of chips, you feel guilty, you feel sick, you feel tired. But you still don’t feel entirely full or satisfied. You’ve gone from feeling hungry to feeling sick and tired!

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Dopamine Hormone Fasting Aid

And a short time later, the cycle starts all over again!

Dopamine Fasting is promising when it comes to dieting, for people looking for help with lossing weight. In a huge study carried out by researchers at the University of Helsinki of 2,452 women and 2,227 men, researchers found that among both women and men, irregular eating and a history of dieting in order to lose weight were two of the key factors that actually led to weight GAIN not weight loss.

That’s because like our early ancestors, our bodies prevent weight loss following what they perceive to be a famine. When you diet your body thinks you are starving and protects itself by holding onto weight. And the more diets you do, you are training your body to hold onto more and more weight. Sure, you may lose a cople pounds but research shows 95% of all diets fail. And in fact, over 66% of people wo diet end up putting on more weight within months of starting.

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Why? Because by dieting – not only are you training your body to hold onto fat – but the root cause of your weight gain has not been addressed. You are still craving food.

Worse Still, Dieting more than once is proven to cause an increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, loss of strength and thinning hair.
To really lose weight and keep it off for life – you have to go after the root-cause leptin-resistance – not just treat the symptoms and live as a slave to your overweight body.

Dopamine Hormone Fasting Aid

Leptitox helps with belly fat, arm fat, hip fat and thigh fat. Leptitox promotes dopamine fasting and helps with the process of your dopamine hormone. It’s all natural and safe to use and do… Leptitox is something to be happy about and it’s dopamine fasting results. Along with weight training and leptitox you can loss weight faster then ever.

Check out what they say about Dopamine and weight loss benefits below.

Dopamine is a key neurotransmitter involved in multiple behaviors, including feeding, and the activity of dopamine circuits are strongly influenced by decreases in feeding and body weight. Chronic food restriction and its resulting weight loss causes decreased basal dopamine levels in efferent target regions, and dopamine release elicited by refeeding or drug administration is increased in chronically food-restricted animals (Carr 2007; Heffner et al. 1980; Hernandez and Hoebel 1988; Pothos et al. 1995a,; Wilson et al. 1995).

Chronic food restriction also causes cellular and molecular changes within dopamine pathways, such as increased tyrosine hydroxylase levels (Lindblom et al. 2006; Pan et al. 2006) and decreased dopamine transporter levels (Zhen et al. 2006).

Furthermore, chronic food restriction affects multiple aspects of reward and reinforcement, including increasing the motivation for food and drug rewards and increasing the acquisition and total amount of food and drug consumed in self-administration assays (Bell et al. 1997; Carr 2007; Fulton et al. 2000; Jewett et al. 1995). Thus chronic food restriction strongly influences both the activity of dopamine circuits and multiple behaviors controlled by dopamine.

Leptitox helps with dopamine affects and can help one loss weight. It is a Aid in Fasting, Dopamine Hormone Fasting Aid. Order Now and get 15% off and Free Delivery HERE.

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