The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Claude Davis

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Claude Davis; It is an undeniable fact that Mother Nature has truly blessed us; with immense strength and support that gets us going even in the hard times. But one of the biggest supports it provides; is to help us heal ourselves with the magical potion that nature has hidden in itself. Yes, what many people forget is that nature truly has the power to save you from all kind of health risks and can help you treat all forms of illnesses. People often ignore the importance of nature and destroy the forests and trees every day due to the increasing population.

Herb Remedies

With today’s global health problems, especially with the coronavirus pandemic. No matter where you live there will be a massive shortage of supplies and meds for different health issues; that a person already has or may develop(like a common cold or different affections that will require treatment).

With deforestation, they are also damaging the nature gifts available in the form of medicinal herbs; ingredients and remedies that have been in use since the ancient times. Moreover, these herbs and remedies can actually help you treat even the most stubborn health issues. So in order to preserve these remedies and help people; Claude Davis have created this amazing eBook that can make you aware of all the wonders of nature. In other words, using the Lost Book of Remedies will give you the key to use all the nature’s magical power. You will be surprised to see how quickly it changes your health and overall lifestyle.

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies by Claude Davis

Drug stores and pharmacies will run out of stock or get closed; hospitals won’t have enough doctors or meds to treat all the patients. If you are not prepared and you have no available drugs or medical supplies, a simple scratch or a common cold can kill you.

For centuries mankind is harnessing the power of plants that mother nature has provided us and the results are unbelievable.

The report gives a detailed breakdown of sales and trends of individual ingredients. The top five selling products in mainstream outlets were as follows:

Herb Chart

Book of Herbal Remedies

Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) was the top-selling supplement ingredient in 2017 (and for the previous four years); with sales exceeding $140 million. This ingredient may not be familiar to you (it wasn’t to me) but you are probably familiar with Ricola cough lozenges; where it’s one of the several herbal ingredients. Horehound has a long history of use; and is popularly believed to have both expectorant and cough-suppressant properties (though how it could do both, simultaneously, seems implausible). There is no evidence to suggest that it in fact has these properties; or any other medicinal properties, but given the long history of use, regulators have given horehound a pass. It’s a common ingredient in “herbal” cough and cold remedies, which likely accounts for its chart-topping success.

Herbs Book

Echinacea with $84 million in sales. It is promoted as a remedy to both prevent and treat colds and influenza. Echinacea has studied in clinical trials, using different variants of the plant; as well as different parts of the plant; and in some cases without any standardized ingredients or dosing schedules, resulting in conflicting findings that are sometimes supportive of an effect; and others that suggest no effectiveness. Overall, the strongest evidence points to the conclusion that Echinacea is likely no more effective than a comparable placebo for preventing or treating colds.

Book of Herbal Remedies

Cranberry is a zombie of alternative medicine. There was $68 million in sales of cranberry, and it’s usually taken to prevent or treat urinary tract infections. Rigorous testing shows that it does neither. Unless you like the taste of cranberry juice; or like me, put it on your Thanksgiving turkey, there is no compelling reason to consume cranberries.

Ivy leaf (Hedera helix) with $32 million in sales. English ivy is both a groundcover and also popular supplement; and is thought to be effective for respiratory illness and infections. Ivy has been studied as a cough product for children, and there is no convincing evidence it actually has any meaningful effects.

Turmeric, with $32 million in sales and year-over-year growth of 46%. Turmeric is hot. We’ve blogged about it several times. It’s as some sort of magical spice, with growth fueled more by hype than any actual evidence of effectiveness. This may be due in part to the properties of the chemicals itself – it is not well absorbed and doesn’t reach any meaningful levels in the blood. But don’t think about getting an intravenous injection from a naturopath – there’s even less evidence for that; and side-effects can be fatal.
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