20 Min Workouts

20-Min Workouts Drills You Can Perform To Burn More Fats

Here’s one heaven-sent fact: time constraint can burn you more fats during a workout. This is also the same thing that we believe in. You don’t have to spend hours of exercise just to set the body in the pound-burning phase. The best exercise to lose weight can be squeezed in a short, 20-minute routine that won’t be too taxing for your body.

Time constraint conditions your mind that you only have a small time window to spare for exercise. This pushes you to avoid distractions and unnecessary conversations. It keeps you focused on the drill that makes it a very efficient way to shed pounds. Because when you pose a luxury of an hour, your mind becomes complacent and therefore delays the performance of the routine. Chances are you’ll end up not maximizing the allowed time let alone practice a 20-minute serious workout.

There are many suggestions for this part but I picked the most effective one when it comes to boosting your weight loss.


The 20-minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) is the best exercise to lose weight because it burns a great deal of fats. It’s composed of two 10-minute circuits where you get to choose the exercise of your choice. From there, you repeat the sequence until you reach the 10-minute mark.

Usually, the end of the ten-minute circuit is followed by a 20-second sprint and a two-minute cool-down. After the short recovery time, you’ll have to perform the second circuit with a different set of exercise but with the same time-frame. Take note that the sprint might not be applicable for those who have a small space or those working out at home.

20 Min Workouts

The challenge here is beating your record every time you’re going to perform the 20-minute challenge. Taking notes of your reps would be a good way to do it. There are mobile apps that you can utilize for this purpose.


You have the freedom when it comes to picking the exercises that you can incorporate. It can be five to six exercises per circuit then another set for the second. This is a way to avoid “getting tired” of the reps. Here is a short overview of the possible exercises you can perform.


Squat jumps give your body a total wiggle. It puts your quadriceps, gluts, calves, hamstrings, and core at work. This exercise is an explosive choice if you want to jump-start your routine with a kick. It also gives your ankles and hips flexibility to prepare you for more body-wrenching routines. Squat jumps are good warm-up options to add on the best exercise to lose weight.


Side lunges target the lateral movements of the body. These movements are usually neglected if you keep doing squats. This exercise balances the effect of the squad jumps to the body by allowing the lower body to stretch sideways.  Side lunges help improve the flexibility of the inner and outer thighs necessary for toning the legs. Do this to avoid pulling a muscle!


If you want a total sweat breaker, the mountain climber exercise is the one. It mimics a climbing motion while you’re facing the floor. As a compound exercise, it stretches a group of muscles and joints from head to toe. It targets your leg muscles while you perform the climbing motion. This is harder than what it actually looks but it’s an excellent fat burner.


A 3-second V-hold targets to tone your core by maintaining a static stretch for 30 seconds. It’s good for the muscles and boy, it burns lots of calories. Just be careful about trying this for the first time. Holding a static stretch for as much as half a minute could be a little dangerous for newbies. You can go down for 15 seconds if the hold starts to hurt.


Elevated push-ups are excellent alternatives to ground push-ups. Aside from making your routine easier, elevating your push-up also allows you to put weight on some other muscle groups on your legs. The force will add a calorie-burning effect but easier than the conventional way of performing push-ups. Though it sounds like a negative thing, elevated push-ups cause muscle confusion. A good way to tone the muscles to its full potential.

20 Min Workouts

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If you want to challenge your core, you might as well perform the single leg dead-lifts. It gives your hamstrings and gluts a fine stretch that will result in more flexibility and balance. Single leg dead-lifts also improve the posture while increasing the strength of different muscle groups. This routine strengthens the legs if done alternately.


Like the V-hold, plank hold strengthens your core and tones your abs and back. Even if you’re not moving, the plank will stretch your gluts and hamstrings.  It also does a big favor on your posture. However, don’t push yourself if you can’t hold it for as much as 30 seconds. This is to prevent the possibility of acquiring injuries while doing your circuits.


Reverse lunges are good for your knees as it’s less taxing than the full-fledged version. It works on your gluts, hamstrings, and gluts. The pressure is reduced on your body since you’re doing it in reverse but the fat-burning effects are still excellent.


Imagine your form when skydiving. Your hands and legs spread. You look like Superman learning to achieve its flying form. This is the same thing with the exercise as you will lie on your stomach and perform a pulling motion on your arms and legs. It does wonders on your back to remove pain.

The best exercise to lose weight doesn’t have to be extreme. All you need is 20-minutes of focus to burn those flab’s as fast as possible. And you don’t have to do this every single day. Give it three to four days of schedule and you’re golden.